Our Story


W.E. Culwell’s passion for luxurious fashion led him to open Culwell & Son’s doors in 1920. Since then, it has remained in the family through three generations of men.


Currently run by Mike Culwell, the store offers a wide assortment of stylish, up-scale pieces paired with outstanding customer service. Mike embodies the family tradition of bespoke service by building lasting relationships with every guest who walks through our doors. Every visit starts with a handshake and hello, followed by personalized, prompt assistance. When you visit Culwell & Son, you gain access to trusted advisors, family friends, and a life-long partnership dedicated to making you feel your best. With made-to-measure clothing, a boys’ department, and a high-end barber shop, it is no surprise Dallas men have continued to trust our guidance after 102 years of service.
See Our History in Person
Culwell & Son is built upon a rich history of hard-working and passionate men. We proudly display a classic 1949 MG TC in our store to honor the brave men who came before us. Cully, W.E. Culwell’s son, was an avid sports car racer and enjoyed competing throughout his earlier years. In 1953, he was drafted for the Korean Conflict and set aside his passion for racing. Years later, he returned home loving aviation but maintained his ability to live a thrilling, fulfilling life.

The 1949 MG TC serves as a symbol of prosperity despite challenging circumstances. We honor Cully at Culwell & Son by providing guests with everything they need to feel confident and live their lives the fullest. Our team wants every man to leave loving their style and knowing they can conquer any obstacles standing in their way.

Are you ready to elevate your wardrobe?

Our stylists will discover your preferences and find pieces that complement your style and measurements. Culwell & Son is much more than a clothing store; it is a destination focused on serving you. It’s the perfect time to elevate your wardrobe.

Custom Apparel

We create made-to-measure pieces so you can look and feel
great in your outfit.