What to Wear to an Interview

First Impressions Matter: Dress for Success

A corporation has shown interest in recruiting you for an open position — Congratulations! Dressing for an interview can be stressful because everyone wants to create an excellent first impression. However, the process is simpler than you may think. If you want to learn how to dress for an interview, here are some recommendations to help you make a remarkable impression on your potential employer.

Men’s Interview Attire: Formal VS Business-Casual Apparel

Once men receive an interview request, most spend the following days wondering what they should wear. While some offices have a strict dress code, others prefer a business-casual look. We always recommend researching the company beforehand. Head to their website and social media platforms to better understand their company culture. This step will help you decide if you need to dress in a formal or business-casual style.

In formal settings, opt for a suit, tie, and dress shoes. Custom suits and designer accessories are sure to make a great impression. However, you may find out that your interviewer prefers a business casual look. In this case, many men choose to ditch the suit and tie. However, avoid flip-flops, caps, hoodies, shorts, and t-shirts with designs or lettering. Looking nice, tidy, and professional is necessary regardless of the dress code!

Suits, Jacket, and Sport Coats

Dallas men’s suits are a wonderful option for formal business interviews. While you can wear black, we recommend choosing navy blue or charcoal gray men’s tailored suits. These colors give off an air of reliability, trustworthiness, and credibility. First impressions are critical, so choosing a color that tells your interviewer you are a worthy candidate is essential. Avoid overusing patterns and details like ticket pockets or peak lapels, and opt for a made-to-measure suit if possible. Culwell & Son is a full-service men’s apparel and suit store in Dallas, Texas, and we can create a one-of-a-kind suit to fit your body to make you look professional and put together.

If you plan to wear business-casual attire, you may opt for a stylish jacket or sport coat. A navy blazer is an adaptable garment that can span the line between casual and formal work attire. When worn with a tie, it’s more traditional, but when worn without, it’s a good alternative for situations where you’re unsure of the dress code requirements.

Button-Down Dress Shirt

Crisp, clean button-down custom shirts are excellent options for your upcoming interview. However, please remember to remain deliberate when making your selection. If you expect the company to enforce a formal dress code, stick to primary hues and modest designs, such as a blue stripe. While a French cuff may work for executive interviews, it can send the wrong message if you are interviewing for other positions.

However, times have changed, and many corporate offices are moving towards a business-casual dress code. While bold patterns may be allowed at the office, we recommend avoiding wearing anything too boisterous during the interview. It’s always better to dress conservatively initially and show your style over time as you begin to understand the office nuances. We recommend custom shirts with a medium spread collar, barrel cuffs, softer colors, and minimal designs. This choice will ensure your interviewer remembers your personality and achievements more than your outgoing style! Are you ready to create a shirt that will last for years and make you feel incredible? Head over to Culwell & Son, the greatest Men’s clothing store Dallas, Texas has around. Our stylists are ready to help you out.


You want to choose accessories that are not too flashy. Stick to conservative glasses, a simple black or brown belt, and socks that match your trousers when selecting the ideal corporate interview attire for men. If you want to wear jewelry, a nice watch and your wedding band (if applicable) will look fantastic.

You can also add a white pocket square for formal interview settings. Your dress tie should be subtle yet elegant, and avoid loud colors and attention-grabbing patterns. Popular choices include red, blue, or yellow, but you can choose any conventional color that matches your suit. Basic stripes or pins will do best if you want to incorporate patterns. Culwell & Son is a Dallas men’s clothing store, and we have a vast selection of accessories to complement Men’s tailored suits and business-casual outfits. Our stylists are ready to help you select the perfect finishing touches to make you feel confident throughout the interview.


Shoes can speak volumes to your interviewer. Choose professional men’s shoes in black or dark brown hues. Leather cap-toe oxfords are always a great choice because of their professional and dressy nature. Make sure they are shined, as the condition of your shoes can say a lot about your attention to detail. In fact, some interviewers will intentionally check the condition of your shoes for this exact reason!

While a great pair of loafers can last for years, consider purchasing a new pair if your current ones are in poor shape. Culwell & Son sells Dallas men’s clothing, but we also have a fully-stocked shoe department. It includes a vast range of leather and styles, and our dedicated men’s footwear specialist will help you find the perfect pair to complete your ensemble.

Find the Perfect Fit

You must ensure your outfit fits perfectly because ill-fitting clothing can make you appear unkempt, especially if you opt to wear a suit. Make sure the seams along the shoulder of your suit jacket lines up with the end of your shoulder. You should also check the length of your suit jacket sleeves. Your shirt should be just a quarter-inch visible beneath the jacket. Additionally, the hem of your trousers should gently skim the top of your dress shoe.

Consider having a custom-fitted suit to ensure you look professional. Our stylists can create a custom suit Dallas men love because we fine-tune every detail. Once we complete the alterations and adjustments, you will look and feel fantastic. Not only will you impress the interviewer, but you will also feel confident throughout the conversation.

Men’s Clothing Store In Dallas, Texas

Stop by Culwell & Son if you are searching for designer apparel and Dallas men’s suits for your upcoming interview. We are more than just a suit store and provide various apparel options for men to enjoy. Whether you need expert recommendations or a new outfit, our stylists can help you revamp your business-casual attire or create a custom suit Dallas interviewers will love. Please click the button below to access directions to our store. We look forward to seeing you soon!