Wedding Attire Ideas for the Groom & Groomsmen

Look Sharp, Feel Confident

When planning a wedding, you must pay close attention to every detail. While there is no doubt that the crowd should marvel at the bride and bridesmaids’ stunning dresses, the groom and groomsmen can also make a lasting impact with their outfits. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about men’s tailored clothing to ensure you look fantastic at your upcoming wedding in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Best Tuxedo Colors for Weddings

When selecting suits for yourself or your groomsmen, matching the color with the wedding’s theme and decor is crucial. Some people plan their weddings to showcase a unique style, such as Hollywood or Paris nights. However, the setting is most likely formal, semi-formal, or trendy, regardless of the theme.  

Tuxedos are a popular choice for formal weddings, with black being the traditional color. Dark blue can also be a great alternative during the daytime. Additionally, gray or dark blue tuxedos look wonderful during semi-formal weddings.

It’s also important to consider the season when selecting the proper Dallas men’s suits for you and your groomsmen. One simple rule is that the hotter the season, the lighter the outfit. Tan or light blue hues look fantastic during summer weddings, and patterns like pinstripes, or dots can add a trendy touch to the ensemble.

Tuxedo Lapel Styles

There are three main lapel designs on traditional black tuxedos: angular notch, peak, and shawl. A notch lapel is a versatile option that complements different jacket styles. Peak lapels, which point upward at the seam, are more formal and add a sophisticated touch. Meanwhile, shawl lapels are commonly found on white dinner jackets and are perfect for grand wedding receptions, as they elegantly frame the face with rounded corners. Our expert tailors at Culwell & Son can create a custom suit or tuxedo Dallas men will love by adjusting the lapel to your exact preferences.

Finishing Touches

Bow ties paired with black tuxedos or dinner jackets have become a staple trend, embodying a timeless and elegant style. However, men have countless options to spruce up their traditional black-tie outfits. Try incorporating a bold vest or cummerbund tie set to create a visually intriguing yet balanced look.

Designer men’s accessories, like matching pocket squares, can enhance your wedding party’s appearance while complementing their attire. Other great accessories for grooms and groomsmen include silver or gold watches, unique cufflinks, and stud sets. Not to mention, these statement pieces make great groomsmen gifts for those wanting to make their wedding memorable for the entire group.

Tuxedos: Custom, Off-The-Rack, & Rent

Grooms and groomsmen have the option to either purchase or rent tuxedos for the big day, all of which are available at Culwell & Son. However, choosing a tailored suit will also provide a fantastic look. Plus, the investment is a wise choice if you plan on attending multiple black-tie and formal events in the future.

Do I Have to Wear a Tuxedo at My Wedding?

Short answer — no! A tuxedo is often considered the classic choice for a wedding, but it is not the only option. Many men choose to wear a suit, as they are an excellent long-term investment, and you can utilize them for countless upcoming events.

We can create a custom suit Dallas men love because our stylists can help you design the perfect ensemble. You can experiment with a vest, tie, pocket square, shoes, patterned shirt, or any other element. This ability to customize can work well with groomsmen too. You can collaboratively coordinate your outfits to implement specific matching details while allowing for variation in other areas.

When to Purchase Wedding Attire

We recommend preparing wedding suits and tuxedos two to three months in advance to ensure a smooth process. However, additional time is often required if groomsmen are traveling long distances. This time frame allows everyone to obtain their outfits and make necessary adjustments to the suit materials.

Stop by Culwell & Son for men’s tailored suits and tuxedos that will look fantastic on the big day. Our suit store offers countless options, including fully custom pieces and a vast in-store selection. However, we also carry rental tuxedos in-store. Head to the Online Measurement Submission and Rental Form on our website, and we can begin fulfilling your party’s requests instantly.

Dallas Men’s Suits at Culwell & Son

Culwell & Son, Dallas’ premiere suit store, creates the finest wedding attire. We carry the highest-quality suit materials and tuxedos to ensure your new outfits will last for years and look incredible at any upcoming event. Outfitting generations of Dallas men since 1920, Culwell & Son has tailored our approach for over 100 years to serve the casual gentleman’s individual needs. Click the button below to learn more about our diverse selection of suits and tuxedos.

Until then, stay sharp, gentlemen.