The Complete Guide to Men’s Suit Fabrics

Different Suit Materials & When to Choose Them

Selecting the perfect suit material is equally as important as choosing the ideal cut or where you get it tailored. There are several different kinds of fabrics, and while this may feel overwhelming at first, it means there are various ways to express your style. Once you discover which materials you prefer, you no longer need to feel uncomfortable each time you get dressed up. When you look good you feel good, and your newly found confidence will shine through at every event - we guarantee it.

Why Your Suit Material Matters

Many men may find themselves wondering, “Does my suit material matter?” Your suit can make or break your outfit and leave a lasting impression on those around you. Here are three reasons to invest in fine material next time you visit Culwell & Son, Dallas’ best local suit store.


Next time you try on men’s tailored suits, you may notice that each fabric has a distinct look. This detail is crucial because how a suit drapes your body is often a significant determinant when deciding which fabric type looks best. A perfectly-fitting outfit inspires confidence and will help men feel incredible at any event they attend.


If you’re investing in Dallas men’s suits, there is a good chance you will wear them on hot summer days. Choosing breathable materials can prevent discomfort, overheating, and sweat stains. However, Dallas often experiences colder weather in the wintertime too. Having a warm suit that retains body heat is an excellent option when the seasons begin changing.


One of the worst things about cheap suits is that they feel stiff and itchy. Soft fabrics are more comfortable, especially when rushing to a meeting or twisting on the dance floor. You won’t be the only one to appreciate the softness of your suit — your date will notice, too! If you really want to feel fantastic and impress those around you, opt for a one-of-a-kind suit. Culwell & Son can make the best custom suit Dallas has to offer because we let men select their preferred fabric and fine-tune every detail to their exact measurements.

Types of Suit Materials

Do you want to invest in a high-quality suit but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Your stylist at Culwell & Son can walk you through every detail. We primarily focus on form, function, and comfort to help you make a selection that best suits your goals, lifestyle, and preferences. During this in-depth consultation, we will help you explore each material’s appearance, breathability, and softness. This one-on-one expert advice will help you make an informed, confident decision before investing in new Dallas men’s suits. Please keep reading to explore our popular materials.

Linen Suits

We recommend choosing a thinner material if you prefer breathable men’s tailored suits on hot summer days. Linen suits are known for their lightweight feeling, so you can stay cool while looking great, even when the sun is beating down during outside events! However, linen wrinkles and stains easily. While it is a stylish option, please take great care of your suit if you opt for linen material!

Outdoor weddings, Easter get-togethers, and outdoor birthday parties are all great examples of outdoor gatherings where linen is acceptable. Please stop by Culwell & Son to purchase your own today. We can help you create a custom suit Dallas men love to show off, and you can select your preferred color and fit to ensure it looks fantastic.

Wool Suits

Wool is the most common suit material, and it isn’t hard to understand why. This fabric is versatile, soft to the touch, and difficult to wrinkle. It’s not as light as other fabrics but still provides breathable comfort on hot days. Let’s break down the most common types of wool suits:

Cashmere Suits: Cashmere or cashmere blends are common materials for Dallas men’s suits. Either option will look luxurious and feel soft to the touch. While it is somewhat flashy, these suits are appropriate for almost any situation.

Worsted Suits: Worsted suits are durable and consist of long-staple fibers. They are smooth to the touch and woven in various ways, depending on the specific garment. In fact, some flannel and tweed contain worsted wool!

Tweed Suits: Tweed is versatile and most popular during the fall and winter seasons. It is heavy, warm, and creates a casual aesthetic. Tweed suits are known for their durability and will last for years, making them an excellent investment for any man trying to enhance his wardrobe.

Stop by Culwell & Son to shop our vast selection of wool men’s tailored suits in Dallas, Texas. We understand that not all wool suits are created equal, and we will help you select the perfect material to complete your preferred look.

Cotton Suits

The second most common fabric for suits is cotton. While cotton suits are not as light or soft as linen, they are still appropriate for summertime. They are highly comfortable, and many men enjoy their lightweight, smooth texture.

Cotton doesn’t hold its shape as well as wool. However, cotton doesn’t crease as easily as linen. Essentially, cotton suits are an excellent in-between option for men who want to feel comfortable without looking too informal. You get the best of linen and wool without fully committing to either one. We also recommend choosing heavy cotton or a blend of cotton and wool if you need your suit to hold its shape and look sharp in a formal environment.

Silk Suits

Silk suits are ideal for any season because they are breathable enough for hot days but can still help retain body heat when the weather gets cold. While silk suits are less common, your preferred high-end suit store should carry this stunning material. They often come with a higher up-front cost but can make a luxurious statement at any event.

Men’s Clothing Store In Dallas, Texas

You may already know which fabric style you prefer. If so, we’re happy to point you in the right direction when you visit Culwell & Son, Dallas’ finest suit store since 1920. However, our stylists are here to help if you need additional support. We will assess your taste in clothing to recommend a suit that will make you feel comfortable and confident. Our showroom contains many options, and we’ll help you navigate the selection until we create the perfect ensemble. We can even create custom Dallas men’s suits if you can’t find the right outfit off-the-rack.

Complete your look by browsing our shoes, ties, and other accessories. Our stylists are ready to assist you every step of the way and can’t wait to enhance your look. Click the link below for directions. Until your next visit, stay sharp, gentlemen.