Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

Unlock Your Style: Building the Ultimate Wardrobe

Have you ever walked into your closet to pick out an outfit but found yourself thinking, “I have nothing to wear?” We’ve all been there. Even wardrobes that contain countless shirts, shoes, and ties can feel empty when your pieces don’t represent your desired style or look. That’s why finding clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable for any occasion is essential. Let’s discuss the basics by exploring common styles and the outfit essentials every man should have in his collection.

Smart Casual

Everyone loves relaxing in their free time. There’s no better feeling than letting loose after a long work week, especially when your outfit looks fantastic. We recommend smart-casual attire for gentlemen who want to enhance their everyday look. This style is dressier than athletic wear but less formal than professional outfits. Often defined as neat and upscale, this informal style suits most non-athletic weekend and post-workday activities.  

If you are ready to elevate your casual attire, we encourage men to avoid ripped jeans. Classic dark denim, cotton twill 5 pocket, chinos, linen pants, and khakis are all appropriate options. Your chosen shirts should appear wrinkle-free without any holes. Sweaters, quarter zips and elevated tee shirts all look excellent when trying to achieve the smart-casual style. Custom shirts from Culwell & Son look particularly stylish as they perfectly complement your exact physical features and preferences. Finally, complete your outfit with some loafers or leather shoes and a designer men’s watch.

We recommend sticking to neutral colors, but it never hurts to have a few pops of exciting color in your collection. Lighter hues look great during daytime activities, but darker tones look striking at night. Culwell & Son carries a vast assortment of Dallas men’s clothing in varying colors, fits, and materials so you can enhance your everyday style for any occasion.


Don’t underestimate the power of outstanding men’s workout attire! Designer athleisure can enhance your performance and comfort as you enjoy your favorite sports and workouts. High-quality clothing can withstand natural wear and tear as you test your limits, and they will retain their shape and color as you sweat and wash them repeatedly.

We encourage men to invest in workout gear that will benefit them the most. For example, lightweight, sporty polos are an excellent investment if you spend your free time at the golf course. However, if you prefer morning jogs around Katy Tail, you might opt for a pair of moisture-wicking running shorts.

Regardless of your preferred activities or the frequency in which you enjoy them, please invest in high-quality items that make you look and feel great. Culwell & Son is the best men’s clothing store Dallas has to offer, and you can find everything you need all in one place. From trendy swimsuits to athletic shoes and more, men can explore every style and trend to elevate their athleisure apparel.


Often seen at events such as daytime weddings, holiday parties, and upscale restaurants, semi-formal apparel looks put together but is still more relaxed than black-tie attire. It is similar to smart-casual wear but more elevated, classy, and often reserved for special occasions.

Thankfully, you can re-wear many of your smart-casual wardrobe essentials when creating a semi-formal ensemble. Khakis, custom shirts, and loafers are great additions to a semi-formal outfit. We recommend dressing them up with a stylish sports jacket to add a  stylish layer of dimension. Finally, throw on a matching tie and belt to complete the look. Please keep the event in mind as you create your outfit. For example, steer clear of white if you’re attending a wedding and opt for darker colors for evening gatherings. Being intentional with your outfit choices is the key to leaving a positive impression!

While you can re-wear your smart-casual apparel at semi-formal events, some men prefer to invest in specific statement pieces. Two-piece, neutral-colored suits are an excellent choice for men who want to show off their personality. You can even complete the look with new cufflinks and a pair of dress socks. Please stop by Culwell & Son to shop our vast selection of Dallas men’s clothing. Whether you want to build a flexible wardrobe that compliments a variety of events or invest in elevated pieces, our stylists can help you create a look you will love showing off.


Reserved for life’s most special occasions, men can truly look their best at formal events. Black-tie weddings, galas, and award ceremonies often call for formal attire, and men should always dress their best to ensure they do not stand out like a sore thumb. While men can use the same loafers, dress socks, and cuff links they wear while wearing a semi-formal look, formal wear often calls for a tuxedo as well.

Culwell & Son is a men’s clothing store Dallas men love to visit because we have a vast selection of tuxedo options. Our guests can:
Can create a one-of-a-kind custom tuxedo
Purchase an off-the-rack tuxedo
Rent a tuxedo
We always recommend buying flexible wardrobe essentials, such as shoes and accessories, but every man is different. While some want to invest in the perfect tuxedo they can keep in their closet, others prefer to rent one. Regardless, the choice is always yours at Culwell & Son. Our stylists will help you select a tux that makes you look and feel exceptional.

Men’s Clothing Store In Dallas, Texas

Culwell & Son is truly your one-stop shop for Dallas men’s clothing. It is always a great idea to invest in neutral colors. As seen in the above sections, many accessories, shirts, and pants can translate across various events and styles. When you invest in high-quality clothing that fits perfectly, you are creating a capsule wardrobe you will love for years.

Whether you are searching for custom shirts, stylish athletic apparel, or a designer tuxedo, our stylists are ready to help you stock up on outfit essentials. We understand how stressful it can feel as you try to build a wardrobe you love, and we want to simplify your shopping experience. Please feel free to stop by and explore our vast selection. You can even treat yourself to a fresh haircut and shave at The Grooming Room while you’re here. Click the button below for directions to Culwell & Son.