How to Select The Perfect Suit

“There are a variety of Dallas men’s suits to explore, and the occasion or event you attend should influence your purchase decision.”

What is the one thing every life-changing moment has in common? Whether you are saying “I do,” receiving an award, or attending an unforgettable gala — you are wearing a suit.

There comes a moment in every man’s life when he needs to invest in a high-quality suit, and your selection can significantly influence your confidence during memorable events. When you purchase an ensemble from a reputable suit store, you receive personalized attention and expert advice to help you understand your style needs and preferences. However, you should begin your shopping process with personal expectations to guide you through areas of uncertainty. Here are five details to keep in mind as you shop for men’s tailored suits in Dallas, Texas.

1 — The Cut

There are a variety of Dallas men’s suits to explore, and the occasion or event you attend should influence your purchase decision. Are you planning to wear your new suit on a fancy date, at work, or at a wedding? Maybe you have a lavish party to attend. Do you need a universally-flattering suit that will look excellent at various events, or are you searching for a statement piece? These are all questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the cut and silhouette of your new suit.

Single-breasted two-button jackets are one of the most standard suit styles. Their classic look provides optimal versatility for men who do not want countless suits in their closets. However, a double-breasted jacket is bolder and a great addition for a man who has the basics covered. Finally, three-piece suits are most suitable for special, once-in-a-lifetime occasions.

Culwell & Son is a men’s apparel and suit store in Dallas, Texas, and we are ready to accommodate your style needs and preferences. Our team understands every fashion nuance and wants to help you select the right suit cut for your upcoming event.

2 — The Color

You should opt for navy blue or charcoal gray colors if you want a stylish suit you can wear in numerous settings. These neutral tones are classics in the menswear world, and you can pair them with various shirts and ties to customize your outfit based on the season or event. While black suits are also neutral, they can make you look like a waiter if you are not careful! Black suits are often more appropriate for funerals and nighttime events.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to express your style! Choosing adventurous colors and patterns, such as plaid and checked fabrics, can make a flawless statement. Are you searching for a bold custom suit Dallas men love during the warmer weather? Opt for seersucker fabric to make a statement while keeping cool this summer. Please remember to balance your bold suit with neutral colors and accessories to balance your look. Otherwise, you may leave a negative impression on those around you.

Our team can help you find the ideal style for your body type and preferences, from dark neutrals to bold suit materials. Please stop by Culwell & Son in Dallas, Texas, and explore our collection of men’s tailored suits.

3 — The Details

Once you have selected the ideal suit cut and color, it’s time to focus on the finer details. What kind of lapel appeals to you? The two primary options are peak and notch lapels. Peak lapels look excellent for formal occasions, while notch lapels are more classic.

Direct your attention to the pockets next. Besom pockets appear on formal jackets and tuxedos, but most suits have patch or flap pockets. Finally, consider the back of the suit jacket. Some have no vents, but most will have either a single or double vent.

Culwell & Son is not your average suit store. We have the finest suit materials and provide customized recommendations based on the latest fashion trends. We believe your shopping experience should feel like a relaxing getaway, and our stylists can help you make the perfect selection when selecting smaller details.

4 — The Fit

Want to make the most out of your investment? Make sure your suit fits properly! Even the finest outfit can look sloppy if it does not fit your body. We always recommend men start larger in the shoulders and progressively go down in size until we identify the perfect fit when shopping our vast collection of men’s tailored suits. This process allows us to compare similar sizes and ensure the shoulder appears strong without looking too big.

Do you want to test the fit of your suit? Try exploring these quick tips:

• The length of your jacket should just cover your seat.

• The lapels should lie flat on your chest when the jacket is buttoned.

• Your fist should fit snugly between your buttoned suit and your gut. If there’s no room for your fist, it is too tight. If you can pull it away from your stomach, the suit materials are too loose.

• The arms of your jacket should follow the natural lines of your arms, ending about half an inch above your shirt cuffs.

• The pants should rest about an inch below your navel.

• The legs should end just above your shoes or right at the tops.

5 — The Accessories

No suit is complete without some designer accessories! You must select the ideal shirt, tie, shoes, and belt to complete your outfit and make a fashionable statement. Your watch, cufflinks, tie clips, and socks are also essential and should all work together to create a cohesive ensemble. Not only is Culwell & Son your one-stop shop for Dallas men’s suits, but we have a vast selection of accessories. We have everything you need to complete your outfit and look fantastic!

Should I Purchase Dallas Men’s Suits In Store or Online?

It can feel tempting to purchase your new suit online and ship it to your home as the world becomes more digital. However, no virtual store can replace the experience of buying a bespoke suit in-person from suit experts. Purchasing online leaves lots of minor details up to chance. It is difficult to fine-tune the measurements, and the color may appear slightly different on the website.

When you shop in-store, you can feel the suit materials and see the colors against your skin tone. You also have expert advice to help you decide what details complement your features. You do not have to be a fashion expert when you stop at a custom suit store because the stylists will do all the work for you.

Men’s Tailored Suits in Dallas, Texas

At Culwell & Son, we pride ourselves on being a leading gentlemen’s apparel provider. We have Dallas men’s suits for any occasion, ranging from casual sports jackets to tuxedos. Want to invest in the most stylish custom suit Dallas has to offer? Head to Culwell & Son today.