How to Elevate Your Style

Essential Fashion Tips for Men

Many men can see a clothing item or accessory and know it’s fashionable, but crafting a cohesive outfit is a more challenging task. Whether you have an important date, an upcoming formal event, or just want to feel more comfortable in your clothing, your style is essential to your overall confidence, and choosing the right Dallas men’s clothing and implementing the proper advice are necessities. Keep reading to explore our top fashion tips for men on how to elevate your style.

Tasteful Pops of Color

We recommend implementing stylish, colorful elements into your look for most occasions. Excessively neutral outfits may give off a slightly strict or cold appearance, but adding a little color is an excellent way to appear warm and welcoming.

We recommend choosing one piece of colorful Dallas men’s clothing and building the rest of the outfit around it. For example, if you want to wear a bright shirt, stick to neutral pants, shoes, and accessories. However, if you feel confident rocking color, you can add small pops elsewhere, as long as the colors do not clash. Plus, you should stick to color palettes that compliment the season if you really want to elevate your look.

Find the Perfect Fit

Even the finest Dallas men’s clothing can look sloppy if it does not fit well, so you should always take the time to try on each piece whenever you shop for new apparel. You never know how something will sit on your body until you see it on yourself in the mirror.

Every man has a unique body type and deserves to have clothing he loves to wear. That’s why we specialize in custom clothing at Culwell and Son. Let the experts in menswear teach you how to elevate your style. Whether you need your sleeves shortened, buttons moved, or the length adjusted, we are happy to accommodate your needs. There is no doubt that investing in custom clothes will make you look and feel fantastic, but it will also ensure you build a wardrobe you will love for years.

Jewelry & Watches

Choosing the right clothing items is only half the battle. Some men will take the time to create the perfect outfit but then forget to add essential finishing touches. Culwell & Son, the finest men’s clothing store Dallas, Texas, has to offer, carries a vast selection of accessories to help you fine-tune your look for every occasion.

Try sticking to one type of metal when selecting your accessories. For example, if you have a silver wedding band, a silver watch and silver cufflinks are excellent choices. This tip will help your outfit look cohesive and highlight your expert attention to detail.

Select the Proper Footwear

A mistake we see many men make is choosing improper footwear. Everyone loves a stylish pair of sneakers, but not during formal gatherings. We recommend assessing every event and planning your footwear accordingly. Those stylish sneakers will look wonderful on a casual outing, but always have a pair of Dallas men’s dress shoes in your wardrobe for special occasions.

Additionally, please make sure your socks are appropriate. White socks are okay for casual events, and you can often wear whatever length you prefer. However, you should always have a few pairs of dark, mid-calf socks in your closet for formal occasions. Stop by Culwell & Son, the best men’s clothing store Dallas, Texas, has to offer, to shop for designer men’s socks. Our team of stylists would be happy to help you find a few new pairs to elevate your outfits.

Care for your hair

Please keep in mind that personal hygiene is always a must for any man wanting to look his best. Men can rock countless popular hairstyles, and we recommend getting a haircut and a fresh shave before any significant event to ensure you look sharp. And always keep in mind that going to an experienced hair stylist is your best option.

Stop by The Grooming Room whenever you visit Culwell & Son to shop for Dallas men’s clothing. Their team of highly-trained stylists knows how to perfect a myriad of styles. Whether you need expert recommendations, luxurious styling projects, or a quick shave, they are happy to assist you.

Dallas Men’s Clothing & Fashion Essentials

Perfecting your outfits may feel daunting at first, but with a little personalized advice, you will look incredible in no time. Stop by Culwell & Son in Park Cities to shop for all your clothing and accessories needs. Whether you need Dallas dress shoes, a custom tuxedo, or anything in between, we carry everything men need to love the way they look. Click the button below to learn more about Culwell & Son, and visit us in-store to begin shopping.