Different Types of Men’s Dress Shoes

When getting ready in the morning, you should always try to look your best from head to toe. While many men focus on perfecting their hair and outfit, it’s easy to overlook the importance of choosing the right men's dress shoes. However, shoes are much more than just a finishing touch. With various styles to choose from, let’s take a look at some of the most popular options.

Oxford Shoes

Often considered one of the most popular styles of dress shoes, oxfords have a low heel and are considered a highly formal option for men who want to showcase their finest attire. They are traditionally made from leather and are brown or black, but many Dallas men’s clothing stores carry multiple colors and styles.

The closed-lacing system is a defining characteristic of Oxford shoes. The laces draw the two sides of the shoe together, leaving no gaps and creating a seamless finish in the middle of the shoe. While this may restrict some movement, it adds a sophisticated touch to your outfit and presents a polished appearance.

Derby Shoes

Another popular style of men's dress shoes includes derby shoes. Derby shoes are often made of leather or suede and have a similar shape to Oxford shoes. They expose the ankle and look great when paired with calf-length socks. However, unlike oxfords, derby shoes have an open-lacing system, meaning there is a visible gap between the laces.

While this extra room allows for increased comfort and movement, it also means the shoes are a slightly less formal option. Nevertheless, they are still an acceptable shoe choice for many professional and semi-formal occasions when styled properly. This is especially true if you invest in a pair from a fine men’s clothing store Dallas residents love, like Culwell & Son.


Unlike derby shoes and oxfords, loafers have no laces. In fact, they are slip-on dress shoes. They are often made of leather or suede materials and have a leather or synthetic sole. Typically showcasing a sleek design, loafers don’t often have bold accents. However, you may occasionally find a pair with stylish tassels or decorative stitching when shopping at high-end Dallas men’s clothing stores.

These shoes are comfortable but still sport a sophisticated appearance. Since loafers have a lower cut, more of your foot will be visible, especially compared to the above options. Men’s loafers look great when paired with thin, calf-length socks. However, please do not wear Dallas Dress shoes sockless, even if you don’t want the socks visible when showing off your loafers. Culwell & Son in Park Cities carries no-show socks for men so our guests can show off their preferred style while maintaining the integrity of their shoes.

Monk Strap Shoes

Finally, we want to discuss monk strap shoes. Similarly to a loafer, they do not have laces. Alternatively, they have a strap that spans across the top of these Dallas dress shoes. This detail makes it easy for men to adjust the tightness of their shoes, just as laces would on Oxford or derby shoes. Monk strap shoes are almost always made of fine leather, but the sole materials can range from anything from leather to rubber.

Monk strap shoes traditionally have buckles at the end of the straps so men can adjust them. Nowadays, however, many monk strap shoes have hidden buttons or elastic for added convenience and comfort. Plus, these shoes can either have one strap or two. Men with narrower feet often prefer having two straps since they allow for more detailed adjustments, but this is a personal preference, as both styles look exceptional during formal events. Explore monk strap shoes at the men’s clothing store Dallas residents trust, Culwell & Son, to explore our complete range of styles and options. Whether you want a traditional closure or more modern conveniences, we have everything you need and more.

What Do All These Dallas Dress Shoes Have in Common?

All dress shoes have their unique differences, but they also share some common traits. For starters, men should always maintain their leather dress shoes, regardless of the chosen style. We recommend investing in a leather care kit to clean them at home. However, you can also stop by The Grooming Room for an exceptional, professional shine during your lunch break or before a major event.

Investing in high-quality dress shoes is also crucial, regardless of the style. Although it may be tempting to go for cheaper options, selecting a pair with premium leather and fine stitching from a high-end Dallas men’s clothing store will ensure your shoes last for years, making them a valuable long-term investment.

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