2023 Popular Tuxedo Styles & Trends

Gone are the days of boring, traditional formal wear! Nowadays, modern tuxedo styles give men the freedom to express their personality with more eccentric elements than ever before. We understand that exploring emerging trends can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to help simplify your shopping experience. Let’s explore a few of the most popular tuxedo styles in Dallas, Texas, in 2023.

Add a Personal Touch

Consider adding some complementary finishing touches to personalize your tuxedo. Men who are up-to-date with the latest wedding tuxedo styles are spearheading this trend, but it is also becoming popular for other formal events. Adding personalized elements to your outfit can help you stand out and feel more confident, especially when wearing a monochromatic look.

However, men should always respect the expected dress code when preparing for an upcoming event. If the host expects you to wear a full black and white ensemble, avoid color and stick to sharp finishes, like silver designer cufflinks and accessories. However, if a dimensional tuxedo style is welcome, add a pop of color with a lapel pin or an eccentric tie. You can also pair a vibrant, bold vest with an otherwise traditional black-tie look to show off your creativity while not looking too distracting. Stop by Culwell & Son in Dallas, Texas, if you need help adding tasteful, personalized accents to your tuxedo. Our stylists are happy to assist you.

Straying Away From Traditional Colors

Bolder colors are steadily making their way into various men’s tuxedo styles. While a black tux is still best for black-tie events, not every formal occasion requires you to wear a fully colorless ensemble. That’s where bold jackets and eccentric tuxedo shirt styles come into play. While no color seems to be off-limits in 2023, there are a few in particular that men tend to gravitate towards. Some of the most popular tuxedo color trends for 2023 include:

For those looking to make a formal statement, charcoal gray is an excellent choice that exudes sophistication. However, lighter shades of gray, such as medium and light gray, are an incredible option for a more relaxed event.

This color pairs well with a variety of different color palettes. It is a fantastic choice for more formal, elegant occasions and is sure to stand out and impress those around you.

For those looking for a more laid-back ensemble, tan is a popular choice for men in 2023. Earthy tones like tan are perfect for outdoor weddings, beach ceremonies, and other events that lean more casual.

Bold and colorful tuxedo styles are particularly popular among younger men attending prom or those who want to really stand out at an event. Many men will wear a bold-colored tuxedo jacket and black pants, but others may opt for a full-colored look. Either way, this tuxedo style can look impeccable when executed correctly.

Double-Breasted Tuxedos

Double-breasted tuxedo jackets are gaining popularity as an alternative to the traditional single-breasted style. They typically feature six buttons with three on each side. Unlike the single-breasted style, double-breasted jackets extend further across the body. They also often have wider peak lapels, creating a more formal look that many men love showing off.

Traditional Tuxedo Styles

They say the classics never go out of style, and we couldn’t agree more. The three-piece suit and traditional vests are still as popular as ever this year. Black bow ties are also seen at almost every formal event and create a fantastic look we can’t get enough of. We love seeing men step out of their comfort zones when wearing bold 2023 tuxedo styles, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off a sharp, original look you know will look great for years.

Culwell & Son in Park Cities, Dallas, has countless traditional tuxedos for men to explore. We offer everything from rentals to off-the-rack and custom-made tuxedos to help men look their best. Plus, we can help you find the best men’s shoes and accessories to complement your look and ensure you look exceptional. Traditions exist for a reason, so you can always rest assured knowing you can exude timeless class when you shop for traditional tuxedo style at Culwell & Son.

Try a New Tuxedo Style in Dallas, Texas

By staying up-to-date on the latest tuxedo styles and trends for 2023, you can confidently prepare for any occasion. Here at Culwell & Son, we strive to provide elegant formal options for renting tuxedos. However, if you anticipate attending frequent formal events in the future, it’s wise to invest in a well-fitted off-the-rack or custom tuxedo. Our selection is truly like none other, and our expert stylists are ready to help you find something you will love. Visit us in-store to start shopping, and click the button below to learn more about our tuxedos for sale in Park Cities, Dallas.