Offering the Best Tuxedos in Dallas for Your Wedding Day

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At Culwell, we have dressed more men for formal occasions in Dallas than any other men’s store. Come on down to our one-of-a-kind store to will find tuxedos for rental or purchase that exude a high level of elegance. You will also be able to find an unparalleled selection of ties, studs, cuff links, vests, tux shirts and cummerbunds. Our full line of formal apparel, including, Hickey-Freeman and Corbin tuxes, will guarantee an incomparable look that will make heads turn.

Wedding Planning

In the beginning stages of your wedding planning, we recommend that you visit our tux experts and get a conversation started. They can help you choose the right tuxedo style for all of the men who will be part of your big day. No matter where they live, we will make it effortless to get all of the men fitted in their tuxes. Your groomsmen can simply download our Tuxedo Sizing Form and then take the form to one of their local tuxedo shops to get their measurements taken and recorded. Then, your groomsmen can submit their completed forms online, fax them, scan them or email them back to Culwell. It’s that easy.


We carry several brands for purchased tuxes, which include Hickey-Freeman, Empire and Corbin. All of these brands’ formal apparel pieces are known for their comfort and ability to elevate your look thanks to their exceptional quality.

Whether you are interested in tuxedo rental or in purchasing tuxes in Dallas, we have you and all of your groomsmen covered.

Contact us today to learn how we can easily help you and your team to look sharp for your wedding day.


In a Wedding? Submit Your Measurements Here


Download the Tuxedo Size Form Here

We encourage you to visit the experts at our tux shop before you begin planning your wedding. Here you’ll be able to choose the tux style for the men in your wedding. We also make it easy to get everyone fitted in their tux, from any city. Your Groomsmen simply download the Tuxedo Sizing Form, take it to a local tux shop, have their measurements taken and submit it online, fax it or scan and email it back to us.

(for purchased tuxes)