Quality Provider of Custom Clothing in Dallas

When you are looking for a suit made just for you, you can count on Culwell & Son to deliver to your satisfaction. At Culwell, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality custom suits in the Dallas area. Our services cannot be matched by larger department stores because clothing is what we do, and only that. We have the ability to create custom clothing at many different price points to fit all your needs… literally.

Custom Suits

Getting custom men’s suits from us offers a wide array of benefits. First, they are made to fit you perfectly. You choose from a wide array of the finest European fabrics and then select every detail of the styling. For instance, you pick 2 or 3 button coat, the type of vent, flat front or pleated trousers. You can take advantage of nearly limitless design options, as we also offer customs shirts to perfectly match your suits.

High Quality Name Brands

We have in our stock suits for men by name brands such as Oxxford and Hickey-Freeman. Oxxford boasts some of the finest hand-sewn suits in the world that give a valuable impression of professionalism, power and formality. Hickey-Freeman suits are designed to offer elegance and performance using the finest of European fabrics.

A Brand for Each Style

We also offer suits by Oxxford and Hickey-Freeman. Oxxford men’s suits are known for their originality and hand-crafted superiority, while Hickey-Freeman suits represent the highest level of fine fabrics, quality and shoulder comfort. Whether you just want a custom Oxxford suit that is one of a kind, or a first suit to look great launching your career, we can design clothing for you in Dallas that fits your dimensions, your budget, and your personal style.

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